Welcome to Little Clovers Nursery in Leeds

Little Clovers Nursery (LCN) aims to be among the UK’s leading independent nurseries. As a early years provision, we strongly believe in the total development of our children; enabling them to be intellectually, physically, morally and socially responsible. We enjoy a long history of academic excellence and benefit from a magnificent site on the outskirts of Leeds City Center.

Our fun-learn educational model has two basic principles. First, children are able to develop themselves psychologically by their direct interaction with the carefully designed learning environment. Second, children, especially under the age of five, have an innate path of psychological development. Based on proven observations, we believe that children who are encouraged to act freely within an environment prepared according to our model would act spontaneously for optimal development. Our staff are well trained to create and direct a fun-learn environment that heightens learning and development according to predefined yet dynamic learning milestones for each child.

We are committed to caring for our children as well as educating them. Our aim is to help them develop their individual abilities and talents within an ethic of teamwork, friendship and mutual respect.

We teach with pleasure and our children learn with enjoyment. That essentially sums up our mission. How well we accomplish it depends on much more than just excellent fun-learn outcomes. Our satisfaction lies in guiding children to become, quite simply, the best of their generation