Welcome to Little Clovers Nursery

Learning is Fun

We believe that learning is an adventure and fun experience for both children and parents.

Learning is Creative

We enhance our children’s learning by exploring their creativity through fun games and activities

Learning is Inspiring

We have created a space for our children to find inspiration in learning and also to be inspiring.

We are Little Clovers Nursery

As an early years provider, we strongly believe in the total development of our children; enabling them to be intellectually, physically, morally and socially responsible. We enjoy a long history of academic excellence and benefit from a magnificent nursery setting on the outskirts of Leeds City Centre.

Our Rooms

Each of our rooms is designed to help our children get comfortable with our staff and other children in their age group. Each room has a room leader responsible for curating every child’s unique learning experience and guiding that age group in discovering fun things about themselves and their new (and sometimes ‘first’) friends.

Our Nursery Room leaders work very closely with each child’s key-worker to ensure no child is left behind. Development is closely monitored and if needed we will bring in specialists to further enhance their learning journey.

3 - 24
Months Old

Class Size

Daisy Room

In Daisy room, we help introduce your child to a wonderful fun world of colours and friends with activities that not only help improve their dexterity but also introduces your child to their creative side.

It is important that their individual need and interests are met. We encourage multiple settling in visits where parents can stay with their child. At Little Clovers we work very closely with parents and carers to ensure we have continuity with home routines to enable your child to feel safe and secure in their new surroundings.

We work on a ratio of 1 staff member for every 3 children.

Months Old

Class Size

Buttercups Room

As your child grows and starts making new friends, Buttercups room will focus on helping them understand how to work together with their new friends through a number of exciting creative activities and projects for kids.

The toddler room has lots of different fun and stimulating areas for the children to explore and learn from.

We offer continuous provisions such as our lovely home corner, our cosy book area, our fantastic construction area, and our fun role play area. There are always lots of creative activities on offer, such as paints, play dough, mark making, sand play, water play, and lots of other different materials for the children to explore.

36 - 59
Months Old

Class Size

Lily Room

In Lily room, we start introducing a little more structure into your child’s routine as they start preparing to move into reception and Year 1. We introduce activities that encourage your child to explore new ideas, new subject areas and new talents they may have discovered through our structured fun-learn program.

Your Child's Journey at LCN

This is the most exciting time of your child’s life. It is when they start experiencing new things and making new friends as they learn about the world of possibilities around them.

We take your child’s journey seriously and shape their experience around our 4 key areas: Safety, Education, Development and Activities.

  • At Little Clovers Nursery, safety is paramount
  • Every child has an equal opportunity to learn
  • We build rich relationships with every child and parent
  • We are your partner in your child’s development
  • We encourage every child to be their own person
We take the Safety and Welfare of every child at Little Clovers Nursery very seriously promoting behaviours that minimise hazards. Every child is closely monitored by a trained key-worker and any emerging issues are dealt with immediately as they occur. We perform regular assessments to ensure our safety standards are always at the highest levels.
We teach with pleasure and our children learn with enjoyment. That essentially sums up our mission. How well we accomplish it depends on much more than just excellent fun-learn outcomes. Our satisfaction lies in guiding children to become, quite simply, the best of their generation
At Little Clovers we believe every child is unique and comes with a welath of untapped skills, abilities and talents. Our fun-learn environment encourages us to explore who we are and discover new things about ourselves and what we can do.
We keep a very low staff to pupil ratio just so we are able to give the one to one care we believe is critical in this developmental stage of thier lives.
Our programs are packed full of a range of activities to keep our children fully immersed and engaged in their early-years learning journey. From visits to parks and farms to planting seeds or crafting decors for the home; there is always something new and exciting for everyone.

We make the welfare and education of every child in the nursery our main priority